finally I’m able to update my blog!
I have arrived in paris for exactly one week is not as intimidating as what many people told me.
Some things I have learnt:
1.yes it’s true the french don’t smile a lot,but not because they hate you or’s just them being them.
2.You’ll be treated better if you show some effort in speaking french.
3.It’s not really hard to open a bank account long as you made the right person!I happened to meet the wrong one.
4.The apartment are really small n old,mostly.I live in an apartment with spiral staircase n creaking wooden floor.
5.There are starbucks n mcdonalds
6.Boulangeries,confiseries n patisseries almost in every corner.there are 3 or even more below my apartment
7.The supermarkets sell many kinds of cheeses n decent freshly baked breads.
8.Traffic is scary.they don’t really follow rules…but strangely enough..they don’t honk at each other.
9.Tv shows like ‘grey’s anatomy’are being dubbed.
10.Some systems are have to wait until early march to get a monthly metro can’get it inthe middle of february..


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