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carl marletti, take 2

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the whole class went to the flour mill this morning. we were supposed to leave paris at 6.45, but we left at 7.they say that the french are usually 15 minutes late ( a surprising fact!!!).  i finally had a good look of paris in the morning. it was my first time looking at the the city under the bare sky since i usually take metros to go around(looks gloomy n lots of time accompanied by smells that awakens you from your sleepyness… ). we took 1h30 to get to the was a really nice place. but i don’t get  much infos there. partly because the representative spoke in french n partly because it was too cold and i got a brainfreeze…


we left in the afternoon. n on our way back to paris, i kept thinking about cakes, but could not decide which pastry shop to go to. still hadn’t made the decision as we reached paris n got down from the coach. i took the metro without knowing where i was going n i was still thinking where should i buy my cake. decisions, decisions, decisions…finally i decided to go back to carl marletti. my first visit to the shop gave me a really great impression, that’s why i decided to go back there again.

the shop really didn’t make me feel was a nice feeling.the man waiting behind the counter (the same guy as the one who served me when i first came, n i think he is the only one serves…no other staff?!) was still as friendly as ever. i intended to buy just one cake ,’lily valley’, but then i was tempted by the ‘marie-antoinette’. so last minute decision, i bought both.

left:lily valley, right: marie antoinette

left:lily valley, right: marie antoinette

i decided to have marie-antoinette for my after-dinner dessert since i was in the mood for macarons. i wanted to feel a bit more sophisticated, so i made myself a cup of lemon tea(one of the cheap brands teabags from supermarket).  my first bite of the cake…fireworks in the sky, me sleeping on petals of roses, sounds of raspberries bursting in mouth, classical music playing in my ears. formula for the macaron shell popping out in my head: crunchy outside + soft inside = parfait! as i sip my tea, i saw myself  living in the old european times where people were waltzing in the ballroom n orchestra playing.TOTAL EXAGGERATION THERE!

the cake is similar compared to Pierre Herme (PH)’s Ispahan. the difference is that it doesn’t have litchi flavour in it. ispahan is  a wonderful cake, but after trying marie antoinette, i now feel raspberry-rose combo is much better than framboise-litchi-rose.three is a crowd.

i begin to think that it is best to have tea to accompany your cake. according to my opinion, tea will not overpower the taste of the cake, unlike coffee or wine.instead, it will heighten the flavour. i think i am more of  a tea drinker.

my visits to carl marletti were really good ones. if the pastry kitchen is as friendly as the front-of-house(fingers crossed), i am definitely going to try my hardest to have my stage there >_<  

the tea-cake experience really made my day. i’m so HAPPY now!!!!!!can’t wait to try the ‘lily valley’. maybe i should buy different tea to accompany the cake…hmmm…


jour du macaron

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every 20th of march is Macaron Day. Pierre Herme always participated in the event. together with some friends, i decided to pay a visit (we heard we can get 3 macarons for 1euro). we wanted to go to the boutique in rue bonaparte but changed our minds because it was always packed with people and there is always a long queue. we thought the one in vaugirard would be the best choice since it is a bit bigger n not as central as the other. it took us 10minutes to walk from school. we were about 50m away from the shop and could already see a long queue along the street. (are the french madly in love with macarons?!can’t imagine how the shop in bonaparte would look like). we joined the queue n found out that each person could actually get 3free macarons. (lesson learnt: everyone loves free stuffs.never thought that parisians likes freebies, but yes they do). the pierre herme store only display macarons n nothing else. i think they had a quite complete display of macarons. i decided to buy 7 and 3freebies.

ph2 i got one with olive oil n vanilla. i always wanted to try this combo.the taste is not as attractive as the name. i thought it would taste excellent, but favourite, celeste(passionfruit,rhubarb,strawberry) n arabesque(apricots n praline croustillant), azur( with ganache n yuzu) is not bad is the mosaic(pistachio n griottines)…there will be another macaron day nxt year…but i would be in indo by that time.what a pity…maybe i can eat my own macarons by that time. hmmm…brilliant!

in comparison with the one that i made…

Left:pierre herme's Right:mine

the one that i made is on the right. the difference is the ‘feet’. PH’s macaron has more ‘feet’. n mine is more dome-shaped compared to his…wonder why….have to experiment more

les petits

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our class made petits fours last tuesday n wednesday. each of us is assigned with different things to make. i get to make madeleines. not hard to make, but looks pretty!(especially when you use a tiny madeleine molds, like what we did). what is crucial is the ‘hump’.

AND….the award for the madeleine with the biggest ‘hump’ goes to………(drum rolling, claps n cheers)…….


i tried the canele, other than being overdosed with rhum -_-, i actually liked the chewy texture. next to the canele is the raspberry financier, didn’t get a chance to try it T_T, but i think it should taste excellent.


beautiful paris

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here are some pictures of paris that i would like to share. i took them when i go sight-seeing with my mom an sister. they spent 2 weeks here. those weeks flew really fast. they went back to indonesia yesterday.

looking at these pictures reminds me of the good memories we spent together in paris. i really miss them(mom n sis) very much…




we ate in a french restaurant. it was really small, but we spent 33euros for a 3-course meal. that’s quite a good price. i just took a picture of a dessert i had.


i was taking picture of my mom n sis inside the metro. what i want to highlight is the lady. it’s a common sight in paris to see people “ngamen”(don’t know what’s in english) in the metro. as i stay longer in paris, i get to think more about life. there are people who had to sleep on the streets at night because they don’t have a place to go home to. and i saw them opening their thin matresses just outside the grand magasin that sells expensive goods that we sometimes do not even need. it is a real heart-wrenching sight.

 le tour eiffel

le tour eiffel from below. i remember it was very cold that day and it was raining in the morning.

le tour eiffel

another picture of le tour eiffel from different angle. there were many people on that day.


black&white pictures always works. i think this picture is very romantic.


a picture of the arc de triomphe. it was in the late afternoon. we were waiting for the lights to be turned on, but i guessed we were too early…

we went to more places than is in the pictures, but i just realised it that i didn’t take enough shots…which is way too late. but i still have another 6 -9 months here…so i’ll take more good pictures.

love it love it love it

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macaroni finally get to make macarons yesterday. i just keep falling in love with macaron. they are cute little things with beautiful colours. our chef said that macaron is a legend. sometimes you can make it perfect, other days you completely fail. i was really bad at the piping. n i think my nervousness made it even worse. chef saw my piping n goes,”what is that??they are uneven!i cannot believe it!”

i would like to master the art of macaron making and if i succedeed, i would like to sell them in my future patisserie shop. sounds like i have to work hard! i really hope i have chosen the right future career for my life. i have to give 100% effort and PRAY. 

it’s a pity that i forgot to bring my good camera to take the pictures.


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after class, a friend of mine decided to go to jacques genin(chocolaterie|salon du the)and asked whether i would like to come along. i agreed without any friend esplained that jacques genin used to make chocolates by appointments, so going to his store which was just opened at the end of last year was an occassion not to be missed. 

we left school around 4.30 in the afternoon. the sun was shining brightly. a box of chocolates would make my day perfect!we reached the area where the store is located. there are shops mostly for suits(not very nice looking^^.old fashined)or shoes stores(again…old fashioned). we continued walking. then my friend saw the shop and “look! it’s here!” said she. we could see the interior from the outside. and it looks really CHIC! we were getting nervous and like,”should we go in or not…” the chocolaterie are too fine for my mismatched, butter-scented clothes. we bravely pushed the door.

as we entered, i can see chairs n tables at the back of the room. there is a spiral staircase in the middle of the room. as spiral as the staircase that is leading to my apartment. the difference is that: it is new, made of good quality wood and unwobbly handrail!first thing that catches my eyes are prices. they are expensive. a packet of caramels for 18euros…hmmm…pass!then i was that they have pastries as well. there was one pastry that i wanted(forgot what it was. blame my short-term memory)but the seemed to run out…PASS! we then walked to the chocolate display. they cost 10euros for 9 pieces of chocolate…that’s expensive as well. but i’m really interested with the box.hah!so i decided to get 9 pieces.  the person who served us was very nice. he is not snobbish at all. he is very friendly, in fact. i got the dark chocolates one and i thought he noticed, so he sugested me to also get the cardamom n cafe, since it is coated w/ dark choc. so i asked him back “c’est bon?” “oui,oui” he answered. i followed his recommendation. in his own initiative, the man took 2 pieces of cardamom-cafe chocolate n gave it to my friend and me. it was a really nice gesture n i really appreciated it.

we also saw M. jacques genin himself, in his white chef jacket, serving teas to his customers and managing tehir bills as well, it’s really a somewhat funny sight when you think of it. but i think it was sweet…aawww.


french really love their pamplemousse. I have tried pamplemousse macaron, pamplemousse choux n now they have pamplemousse ganache. n i happen to irresistable towards pamplemousse(for some reason…)i decided to try the…guess what…PAMPLEMOUSSE.. i really like it.

verdict: can’t wait to try the other flavours!

pierre herme

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ispahan overdose!!!

ispahan overdose!!!

my mom and sister is in paris!yay!i decided to take them to patisseries, since there are only a few in indonesia.

pierre herme is a must-go. this guy has been called the “picasso of pastry”. i am glad we were able to pay a visit in one of his store in paris.

we went to the store in rue bonaparte. it was quite tiny, but really ’boutique’ n classy.  the window display looks like that of a jewellery store. i think they are having a ‘festival’ on their signature flavour – ISPAHAN – (letchis, rose, framboises). it was thursday,fortunately for us! during weekends,there will definitely be a very long queue! 

i have tried the original ispahan(the one using macaron)last time, its was nice.the flavours match beautifully, can’t have to much though. too sweet for me. 

i decided to go for the ispahan cheesecake. it didn’t like it as much, too fragrant. but my sister liked it. so it’s a good thing.