beautiful paris

here are some pictures of paris that i would like to share. i took them when i go sight-seeing with my mom an sister. they spent 2 weeks here. those weeks flew really fast. they went back to indonesia yesterday.

looking at these pictures reminds me of the good memories we spent together in paris. i really miss them(mom n sis) very much…




we ate in a french restaurant. it was really small, but we spent 33euros for a 3-course meal. that’s quite a good price. i just took a picture of a dessert i had.


i was taking picture of my mom n sis inside the metro. what i want to highlight is the lady. it’s a common sight in paris to see people “ngamen”(don’t know what’s in english) in the metro. as i stay longer in paris, i get to think more about life. there are people who had to sleep on the streets at night because they don’t have a place to go home to. and i saw them opening their thin matresses just outside the grand magasin that sells expensive goods that we sometimes do not even need. it is a real heart-wrenching sight.

 le tour eiffel

le tour eiffel from below. i remember it was very cold that day and it was raining in the morning.

le tour eiffel

another picture of le tour eiffel from different angle. there were many people on that day.


black&white pictures always works. i think this picture is very romantic.


a picture of the arc de triomphe. it was in the late afternoon. we were waiting for the lights to be turned on, but i guessed we were too early…

we went to more places than is in the pictures, but i just realised it that i didn’t take enough shots…which is way too late. but i still have another 6 -9 months here…so i’ll take more good pictures.


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