after class, a friend of mine decided to go to jacques genin(chocolaterie|salon du the)and asked whether i would like to come along. i agreed without any friend esplained that jacques genin used to make chocolates by appointments, so going to his store which was just opened at the end of last year was an occassion not to be missed. 

we left school around 4.30 in the afternoon. the sun was shining brightly. a box of chocolates would make my day perfect!we reached the area where the store is located. there are shops mostly for suits(not very nice looking^^.old fashined)or shoes stores(again…old fashioned). we continued walking. then my friend saw the shop and “look! it’s here!” said she. we could see the interior from the outside. and it looks really CHIC! we were getting nervous and like,”should we go in or not…” the chocolaterie are too fine for my mismatched, butter-scented clothes. we bravely pushed the door.

as we entered, i can see chairs n tables at the back of the room. there is a spiral staircase in the middle of the room. as spiral as the staircase that is leading to my apartment. the difference is that: it is new, made of good quality wood and unwobbly handrail!first thing that catches my eyes are prices. they are expensive. a packet of caramels for 18euros…hmmm…pass!then i was that they have pastries as well. there was one pastry that i wanted(forgot what it was. blame my short-term memory)but the seemed to run out…PASS! we then walked to the chocolate display. they cost 10euros for 9 pieces of chocolate…that’s expensive as well. but i’m really interested with the box.hah!so i decided to get 9 pieces.  the person who served us was very nice. he is not snobbish at all. he is very friendly, in fact. i got the dark chocolates one and i thought he noticed, so he sugested me to also get the cardamom n cafe, since it is coated w/ dark choc. so i asked him back “c’est bon?” “oui,oui” he answered. i followed his recommendation. in his own initiative, the man took 2 pieces of cardamom-cafe chocolate n gave it to my friend and me. it was a really nice gesture n i really appreciated it.

we also saw M. jacques genin himself, in his white chef jacket, serving teas to his customers and managing tehir bills as well, it’s really a somewhat funny sight when you think of it. but i think it was sweet…aawww.


french really love their pamplemousse. I have tried pamplemousse macaron, pamplemousse choux n now they have pamplemousse ganache. n i happen to irresistable towards pamplemousse(for some reason…)i decided to try the…guess what…PAMPLEMOUSSE.. i really like it.

verdict: can’t wait to try the other flavours!


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