jour du macaron

every 20th of march is Macaron Day. Pierre Herme always participated in the event. together with some friends, i decided to pay a visit (we heard we can get 3 macarons for 1euro). we wanted to go to the boutique in rue bonaparte but changed our minds because it was always packed with people and there is always a long queue. we thought the one in vaugirard would be the best choice since it is a bit bigger n not as central as the other. it took us 10minutes to walk from school. we were about 50m away from the shop and could already see a long queue along the street. (are the french madly in love with macarons?!can’t imagine how the shop in bonaparte would look like). we joined the queue n found out that each person could actually get 3free macarons. (lesson learnt: everyone loves free stuffs.never thought that parisians likes freebies, but yes they do). the pierre herme store only display macarons n nothing else. i think they had a quite complete display of macarons. i decided to buy 7 and 3freebies.

ph2 i got one with olive oil n vanilla. i always wanted to try this combo.the taste is not as attractive as the name. i thought it would taste excellent, but favourite, celeste(passionfruit,rhubarb,strawberry) n arabesque(apricots n praline croustillant), azur( with ganache n yuzu) is not bad is the mosaic(pistachio n griottines)…there will be another macaron day nxt year…but i would be in indo by that time.what a pity…maybe i can eat my own macarons by that time. hmmm…brilliant!

in comparison with the one that i made…

Left:pierre herme's Right:mine

the one that i made is on the right. the difference is the ‘feet’. PH’s macaron has more ‘feet’. n mine is more dome-shaped compared to his…wonder why….have to experiment more


2 Responses to “jour du macaron”

  1. I’m almost drooling looking at your pictures. They look really really good! Well, when you come back, I think I’ll have to make a special trip to see what you’ve learnt and I think that they’ll be just as good as what I see in the pictures. Keep going! It looks like you are learning a lot. GBU

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