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chateau de versailles

Posted in french trip on April 25, 2009 by fenny widjaja

 i had a week holiday n my sister came to visit me (again…). we went to chateau de versailles to gave the place a visit. so we went not knowing what to expect. as it was a public holiday, the place was packed with people. I guess everyone was curious of what the place Marie Antoinette used to live looks like! I am, for one. the chateau was really huge!!! i didn’t get to enter the buildings because of some confusion caused by the tickets!!!it was a long story. so we decided to walk around the garden. it was a really long walk i tell you!entrance of the chateau


one part of the garden

we rent bikes but i m not very good @ riding them:(



Posted in dates with M.Goût on April 6, 2009 by fenny widjaja

finally i was able to try some wagashi….in paris….would like to try it in japan,but hasn’t got the chance to go there yet. wagashi is the traditional japanese sweets. they are not as heavy as western desserts.

a friend n i decided to go to toraya, one of the famous wagashi maker in japan according to my friend(he used to stay there for quite sometime). they don’t have many types of wagashi in-store…which is a bit unfortunate.

they have sakuramochi, definitely get that.again my friend explained to me that sakuramochi is seasonal n they only have it in is a pink glutinuous rice with adzuki bean paste filling and wrapped in preserved cherry blossom leaf. i also got the aoyagi,just white adzuki beans. they are a bit pricey. 3.90euros i spent 7.80 in total for just 2 wagashi. but i don’t regret buying them.

the sakuramochi smells a bit like glutinuous rice+pandan leaves if i may say.n the cherry blossom leaf tasted likethe japanese preserved plums a bit sour n salty.i like it very much.the adzuki bean paste is very smooth…yum2…

the aoyagi is excellent as well. it is soft n stick to the back of the favourite texture…


sunday:ble sucre, monday:laduree…sweet…

Posted in dates with M.Goût on April 3, 2009 by fenny widjaja


ble sucre sells chocolates, individuelles,croissants,pains aux chocolates,baguettes,financiers,sables n madeleines(i didn’t know that their madeleine is the best according to some resources.shoud have bought them…)i wanted to buy the cakes(they look really pretty n delicious,but remembering that i still have other cakes at home, i cancel that thought.the flower-shaped financiers caught my eyes n i decided to get them instead. i would like to get a better picture of the store,but it was too crowded.maybe next time. i’m definitely coming back!



my second time at laduree. i wanted to buy the violette religieuse(2 choux pastry-one big,one small-filled with violette pastry cream, glazed with fondant n the smaller one is stuck onto the bigger one.)but again cancel that thought n decided to buy just the macarons. i decided to get a box of 8(i like the box)i got 2cassis-violette,2mangue-jasmin,2griotte, 1fleur d’oranger,1chocolat amer. i like all of them. n they are easy to store(do not get soggy)


quelle heure est-il?

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le refectoire is a restaurant located near the market in bastille. at first i didn’t understand what is ‘le refectoire’.the logo of the restaurant didn’t look veri inviting…as i entered the restaurant, the decor is different. there are chalk-written special menus n wine lists on black boards. kids’ crayon drawing thumbnailed in wooden boards. it looks more like children’s playing room. not many choices from the menu either…i ordered fish n my friend ordered a salad dish. as we were waiting, i looked around the resto n asked my friend what refectoire means. she then told me that it’s a school canteen (or something like that) uh huh!no wonder they decor the place like that!after i know the meaning of the restaurant name, i finally understood the whole concept n like the restaurant (lesson learnt: the store concept has to match the name)

my friend told me that they have cool speakers. i turned around and saw the speakers…they are cool. but that i saw the wall clock. i immediately like it n wondered where they bought it. i would like to have one!

i didn’t take a picture of the food coz i started eating it immediately after they were delivered on the table. that means they were really good! they had mangue charlotte, but we didn’t order it coz we were too full.


i searched for the clock in the internet. i didn’t know what it’s called, but my friend told me it looks like a i decided to type “70’s clock” n google it(fingers crossed)the picture came up. n after a few links n searchings(felt like being in mission impossible:D), i found out that it was called ‘calendrier/horloge’ and i found the place that sells them. it is EXPENSIVE!the small one is 80 euros!the big one(i think that’s what the restaurant has) definitely over 100. (i’m guessing.they didnt have the price tag in the store for some reason n i didn’t feel like asking the salespersons)but i really like it…to buy or not to buy,that’s the question.