quelle heure est-il?

le refectoire is a restaurant located near the market in bastille. at first i didn’t understand what is ‘le refectoire’.the logo of the restaurant didn’t look veri inviting…as i entered the restaurant, the decor is different. there are chalk-written special menus n wine lists on black boards. kids’ crayon drawing thumbnailed in wooden boards. it looks more like children’s playing room. not many choices from the menu either…i ordered fish n my friend ordered a salad dish. as we were waiting, i looked around the resto n asked my friend what refectoire means. she then told me that it’s a school canteen (or something like that) uh huh!no wonder they decor the place like that!after i know the meaning of the restaurant name, i finally understood the whole concept n like the restaurant (lesson learnt: the store concept has to match the name)

my friend told me that they have cool speakers. i turned around and saw the speakers…they are cool. but that i saw the wall clock. i immediately like it n wondered where they bought it. i would like to have one!

i didn’t take a picture of the food coz i started eating it immediately after they were delivered on the table. that means they were really good! they had mangue charlotte, but we didn’t order it coz we were too full.


i searched for the clock in the internet. i didn’t know what it’s called, but my friend told me it looks like a retro.so i decided to type “70’s clock” n google it(fingers crossed)the picture came up. n after a few links n searchings(felt like being in mission impossible:D), i found out that it was called ‘calendrier/horloge’ and i found the place that sells them. it is EXPENSIVE!the small one is 80 euros!the big one(i think that’s what the restaurant has) definitely over 100. (i’m guessing.they didnt have the price tag in the store for some reason n i didn’t feel like asking the salespersons)but i really like it…to buy or not to buy,that’s the question.


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