sunday:ble sucre, monday:laduree…sweet…


ble sucre sells chocolates, individuelles,croissants,pains aux chocolates,baguettes,financiers,sables n madeleines(i didn’t know that their madeleine is the best according to some resources.shoud have bought them…)i wanted to buy the cakes(they look really pretty n delicious,but remembering that i still have other cakes at home, i cancel that thought.the flower-shaped financiers caught my eyes n i decided to get them instead. i would like to get a better picture of the store,but it was too crowded.maybe next time. i’m definitely coming back!



my second time at laduree. i wanted to buy the violette religieuse(2 choux pastry-one big,one small-filled with violette pastry cream, glazed with fondant n the smaller one is stuck onto the bigger one.)but again cancel that thought n decided to buy just the macarons. i decided to get a box of 8(i like the box)i got 2cassis-violette,2mangue-jasmin,2griotte, 1fleur d’oranger,1chocolat amer. i like all of them. n they are easy to store(do not get soggy)



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