finally i was able to try some wagashi….in paris….would like to try it in japan,but hasn’t got the chance to go there yet. wagashi is the traditional japanese sweets. they are not as heavy as western desserts.

a friend n i decided to go to toraya, one of the famous wagashi maker in japan according to my friend(he used to stay there for quite sometime). they don’t have many types of wagashi in-store…which is a bit unfortunate.

they have sakuramochi, definitely get that.again my friend explained to me that sakuramochi is seasonal n they only have it in spring.it is a pink glutinuous rice with adzuki bean paste filling and wrapped in preserved cherry blossom leaf. i also got the aoyagi,just white adzuki beans. they are a bit pricey. 3.90euros each.so i spent 7.80 in total for just 2 wagashi. but i don’t regret buying them.

the sakuramochi smells a bit like glutinuous rice+pandan leaves if i may say.n the cherry blossom leaf tasted likethe japanese preserved plums a bit sour n salty.i like it very much.the adzuki bean paste is very smooth…yum2…

the aoyagi is excellent as well. it is soft n stick to the back of the mouth..my favourite texture…



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