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restaurant service

Posted in bon appetit! on May 28, 2009 by fenny widjaja

this week,we did the restaurant service in another kitchen. we had to move all the ingredients from the1st floor to 4th floor. the kitchen was not very clean n we weren’t very impressed(the kitchen is usually occupied by students that is going to have CAP exam which means they should have high standards.their kitchen says otherwise)the trays were dirty,the tables were undescribable. chopping boards smelled. sink-as bad. i guess exams can only measure your skill, but not your passion n mentality-both elements are as important.grrrr…..getting madder now!

enough said. we prepared 3 desserts.but the mise en place was done the day before. so we were actually quite relaxed.

litchi/framboise/rose macaron,litchi sorbet.

macaronG & i made the macaron shells n they look quite pretty,most importantly, they had the legendary ‘feet’.(we’re d macaron duo!).th 6-cm macaron is then served litchi/rose sorbet.

marmite lutee…?(don’t really know the spelling)


looks like pot is filled with fruits(pineapple,kiwi,banana, mango,orange) n spiced sugar syrup (cinnamon,lemongrass,ginger)then covered with puff pastry.

cheese square

carre blanc

like cheesecake,but using fromage blanc…french…pears marmalade  underneath n sponge biscuit at the bottom. taste great.

the first few hours was quite boring, nothing much to do…just nibbling stuff…^^…n deciding how to plate the desserts.

the cuisine kitchen was just next to us. it was the first time i got a glimpse of what they are doing.n they look really professional. porduced amazing dishes!they use speaker to call out orders…SO COOL!!! 

the service had a rough start. the litci sorbet was not churned yet n something was wrong with the pacojet machine so our chef had to find another one. so we couldn’t send out the desserts. a bit chaotic there…but everything turned out fine. some guests passed by the kitchen and i saw a boy and his parents asked about the desserts with such enthusiasm. i think that moment really make our hardwork worth the while… 

at the end of service, we get to eat what we made(actually we also taste them before service…) coz the leftovers were either ‘a la ventre’ or ‘a la poubelle’. wasting food is a no-no. so,’DEGUSTATION’ like my friend always says…aah,such a refined word…i really like the  sorbet…very sweet, but really taste the litchi n rose.

hoping to have a mutual relationship with the cuisiniers(such as giving us their dishes),we decided to build up good will by giving them the leftover macarons. thay ate them like hamburgers. it was nice as well to know that the cuisiniers liked them.

as i arrived home, i had to gobble down a jug of water n still felt thirsty. the sweet really made me sick…but lesson is never learnt. i still can’t stop eating sweet things.


capture the moments

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please have a visit of my other blog..mostly pictures  n unrelated to pastry.not many words..i hope you’ll enjoy it!i feel the need to have a blog dedicated to my camera. it takes great pictures!

how big is a queen’s mouth…?

Posted in bon appetit! on May 25, 2009 by fenny widjaja

i had a cuisine class today. we made some type of  vol au vent called -bouchee a la reine-translation:queen’s mouthful. that queen must have a big mouth…

bouchee a la reine

the other one we made was feuilletage jambon. more cream n cheese n ham n FAT.

i am not a fan of salty food, but all that i made today turns out salty

soup for the stomach

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more food. decided to have something light for a change(yeah…right…). went to have soup in lebarasoupes. cute small soup bar. there was only one lady serving at that time. but she managed to keep her smile. i really like her.

there were 7 soupes to choose from, one of the is gaspacho type.  i went for the -carottes,gingembre,ananas- soupe. the lady asked me whether i wanted it cold or hot (another cold soup offered other than the gazpacho). it was quite a hot day n i would like to  have something refreshing, but my mouth processed faster than my brain. so i said “chaud”(regretted it when the lady already scooped a ladle of soup and asked me kindly to have a seat).a bit pessimistic of how the soup would taste like. i had my first spoon and liked it immediately. i thought probably be nicer cold, but having it hot was as good. could taste the sweetness from the carrots, the tanginess from the pineapple and the zing from the ginger.drool*


i tried to eat as clean as possible coz i pitied the lady working alone. but failed to do so…the poppy seed went evrywhere.but managed to tidy up before paying.

in conclusion, please….can i have some more…?

tea hee…

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getting fond of salon de the. went to try -A Priori The- coz i heard that the cheesecake is good. it is located in Galerie Vivienne(a passage…lots of passages in paris n they are really beautiful.)

galerie viviennei decided to have lunch there as well. it was quite expensive, but worth the try. i had mixture of vermicelli,olives,prawn n chicken wrapped in bricks. had a twist of asian twist here.

priori the was quite full after de meal. but it wouldn’t be complete without trying the cheesecake(my mission of going to the salon de the-try cheesecake). didn’t think that my stomach could take it, i went for a demi-dessert.

cheesecakei really likes the is ‘sans sucre'(without sugar)as they claimed. don’t know what a good cheesecake is, i think the cheesecake is quite good. creamy n i could finish it even though i war already full. mind you this is a demi-dessert,you should see the full one!

to accompany my meal n dessert, i had the tea -cerise de chine(sumthing like that). it has hint of cherries n rose. really good. it was a really chic lunch!

too hot…need…something…cold

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the weather is getting warmer by the days…finally get to eat some ice cream.yay!

1st stop.damman's

i went for a walk @ le jardin des tuileries. didn’t plan to buy the ice cream at first. just wanted to take picture of the stand…but just couldn’t resist.

ice cream dammans

got the flavour:caramel au beurre sale. just OK…read somewhere that the yoghurt flavour is the best. remember to get that next time!

2nd stop

my berry

dropped a piece raspberry and a piece of mango along the way.not very happy…

frozen yoghurt is in trend now. in US, back in Indo. it starts to get popular here, i think… i decided to try myberry. it’s just below my very convenient. they have only ooriginal flavour. don’t really know the standard of a good frozen yoghurt. but this one is good enough for me.


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hi, my name is physalis. don’t mix up my name with the disease you-know-what. i taste really nice n cruchy. please eat me…