soup for the stomach

more food. decided to have something light for a change(yeah…right…). went to have soup in lebarasoupes. cute small soup bar. there was only one lady serving at that time. but she managed to keep her smile. i really like her.

there were 7 soupes to choose from, one of the is gaspacho type.  i went for the -carottes,gingembre,ananas- soupe. the lady asked me whether i wanted it cold or hot (another cold soup offered other than the gazpacho). it was quite a hot day n i would like to  have something refreshing, but my mouth processed faster than my brain. so i said “chaud”(regretted it when the lady already scooped a ladle of soup and asked me kindly to have a seat).a bit pessimistic of how the soup would taste like. i had my first spoon and liked it immediately. i thought probably be nicer cold, but having it hot was as good. could taste the sweetness from the carrots, the tanginess from the pineapple and the zing from the ginger.drool*


i tried to eat as clean as possible coz i pitied the lady working alone. but failed to do so…the poppy seed went evrywhere.but managed to tidy up before paying.

in conclusion, please….can i have some more…?


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