tea hee…

getting fond of salon de the. went to try -A Priori The- coz i heard that the cheesecake is good. it is located in Galerie Vivienne(a passage…lots of passages in paris n they are really beautiful.)

galerie viviennei decided to have lunch there as well. it was quite expensive, but worth the try. i had mixture of vermicelli,olives,prawn n chicken wrapped in bricks. had a twist of asian twist here.

priori the was quite full after de meal. but it wouldn’t be complete without trying the cheesecake(my mission of going to the salon de the-try cheesecake). didn’t think that my stomach could take it, i went for a demi-dessert.

cheesecakei really likes the sauce.it is ‘sans sucre'(without sugar)as they claimed. don’t know what a good cheesecake is, i think the cheesecake is quite good. creamy n i could finish it even though i war already full. mind you this is a demi-dessert,you should see the full one!

to accompany my meal n dessert, i had the tea -cerise de chine(sumthing like that). it has hint of cherries n rose. really good. it was a really chic lunch!


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