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Posted in paris on June 29, 2009 by fenny widjaja

i have been in paris for 5 months. school is done n intern is starting next week. i started reading on my earlier entries in the blog and realised that i didn’t really share much of my feelings as i arrived in paris for the 1st time. @that time, i was really scared. everything seemed foreign! until now, i still don’t speak french, but my listening improved a lot. i was really homesick. almost decided to go back to Indo that time but i am glad that i forced myself to stay. my experience here is really worthwhile.

i made friends in school n often go out with them which kinda helped me get rid of my homesickness. chef always boasted on how diversed our class was. we were 10 and from 10 different countries. i myself think it is amazing. it means that we have 10 different cultures. i get to know more about how people in different countries think n act.

as i know more places here, i try to enjoy myself as much as possible. when i felt bored @ home, i can sit in the park or  just have a stroll…although i am starting to enjoy myself in paris, i still miss home.

i actually miss school now. i miss saying ‘bonjour/good morning’ when i go to school in the morning, seeing my friends and asking how they are doing, seeing chef doing silly stuff during demo, hearing him say ‘ c’est quoi ca???’ or ‘ qu’est-ce que tu fais???’ no one to tell me what to do when i’m in doubt, no one correct me when i do something wrong…

i am going to do a 3-month intern n then return home. my next plan is to have a food business.thinking of salon de the. am i ready? i don’t think i will ever feel ready. but if i am always scared to take the 1st step, i don’t think i will ever move forward. my skill is not good enough. i will just have to be more creative and make use of what i’m good @. i heard chef said something about different strong points different people have and it’s about how they use them to the fullest. i strongly agree.


school trip

Posted in french trip on June 29, 2009 by fenny widjaja

we had a school trip to pays basque. boarded the night train from paris sunday21june. not much space…good thing that i’m short. i pitied my friend who is really tall. he said he had to fold himself into a simple turn(pastry term:feuilletage folding)^^. we arrived around 7 in the morning.


we divided ourselves into 2 cars. our chef drove a mini van and boulangerie chef drove the other. i got into the minivan with the other 6 friends.wrong choice. chef drove like a crazy teenager. i asked my friend who got into the other car. she said boulangerie chef was really calm when driving…hmmm…just like how he treats his breads^^.

IMG_1494the place where we stayed. good choice chef!the place has blueberry field.i got to pick some blueberries on my last day there:D



basquethe spanish side.

final exam

Posted in school n stage on June 29, 2009 by fenny widjaja

i had my final exam in ESCF ferrandi. during these 2 n half days, each of us  had  to produce:

1st day: tarte aux pommes, chaussons aux pommes n pithivier,an entremets, moka montage(nightmare!you will know why).they basically covered evrything that we had been taught until today!

on the first day,  chef told us to start, didn’t know where to start, really. just following what the rest were doing. it felt different coz i had to do everything alone, usually we did it in pairs. chef had calculated the time the day before, but we were about 1 hour behind!practical exams are quite scary. you can only have it fail or success n you can’t really re-check your work before submitting them. only the oven will tell how well you are doing.building the moka was a pain but managed it. didnt really score the pithiviers deep enough, need more apples for the tarte aux pommes. chef was like ‘where are the apples?’…didn’t have lumps in the bavaroise for the entremets…thumbs up. 1st day was exhausting enough. but 2nd day was worse!

2nd day: eclairs n religieuses, moka finishing, entremets finishing, creme anglaise for ice cream, moulding ice cream,chocolats(more nightmares + mess!)

really stressed out with the eclairs n religieuses.pate a choux piping was ok, but my pastry cream a bit too runny n my fondant is a disaster…but now i know what to improve on…finishing moka with piping…turned out better than i expected, entremets turned not bad. my chocolate wasn’t very shiny.found my strong point!!!!not trying to boast here, but i think i am quite good @ making chocolate cigarettes coz i didn’t really have any problem making it…my friend told me that i got a good score for creme anglaise too^^.


tarte aux pommes


the last day:marzipan flower,demoulding ice cream…nothing to say…we were not in the mood anymore…

from the exam, i can see what i am good @ n what i’m not…i still have lots of space for improvement.i believe this is just the beginning of my journey…

this week’s highlights

Posted in school n stage on June 6, 2009 by fenny widjaja

had the first exam since the course started. b.o.u.l.a.n.g.e.r.i.e. i had a trial the week before n my result wasn’t very good.i didn’t have enough time to bake the croissants n pains aux chocolats…T_T..

i read some notes my friend gave me(big thanks!!^^..i’m too lazy to write notes…) the night before exam. n that’s the only preparation i could do other than praying for the best and had a good night sleep(which i hadn’t had that night…)

exam started at 6.30 am. everyone was on-time. we had briefing and then started the exam. for boulangerie classes, we usually do it threes or at least in pairs. but we had to do it alone during exam.that added the pressure. but everything went well. all of us did our own breads quite calmly. better than expected. we had done everything @noon. which was early coz the time limit is 12.30. the boulangerie chef was very pleased with our works. he said that we did better than  some of his students who had been in school in 2 years!! that’s really a big compliment…


each of us had to make:baguettes-4kg flour, shaping brioche,10croissants,9 pains aux chocolats, 1batch speciality bread. i made an incorect scoring for my speciality bread(picture bottom right. that’s incorrect!)


i had my interview for internship in l’hotel Plaza Athenee!!!!the moment i had been waiting for. i was quite intimidated coz it is a BIG hotel (i mean BIG in reputation…not so sure about the size)the building itself is really pretty. bright red flowers on the sides of the entrance and on the balconies, red canopies, can’t remember what else is red.will check on that. i got treated really well by the staffs and my interviewer. didn’t ask me difficult questions. maybe she thought that i wouldn’t be able to answer them anyway since i understand better than i talk in  french. but all goes well n i even got to see the pastry kitchen!i hope i made a good impression and do well during intern!!

plaza athenee

here’s is a note they gave me for my 1st day orientation(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)

felt really happy, i ate a lot that day 

deliziefolieice cream @ deliziefolie-pistachio and raspberry

al tagliopizza @ al taglio…they price it by the kilogram. didn’t know which one i got. but really fatty.

jacques genineclair au chocolat @ jacgues genin. a really good chocolatier located in 133 rue de turenne. expensive for an eclair 4.80 euros. but it’s all worth it!

i love salons de thes

Posted in dates with M.Goût on June 4, 2009 by fenny widjaja

some people like to visit bars or pubs. others like to have coffees in cafes. i,for one, enjoy going to tea rooms. don’t really drink teas @ home coz i’m just lazy to brew them and they don’t taste the same as when you drink in tearooms.i’n no expert in brewing n  atmosphere contributes to the tea taste, especially when it has cute decors.

i went to l’oisive the. good choices of teas. cute little place. but the scone is expensive and taste so-so.

i got tea mangosteen…could taste the mangosteen flavour…