final exam

i had my final exam in ESCF ferrandi. during these 2 n half days, each of us  had  to produce:

1st day: tarte aux pommes, chaussons aux pommes n pithivier,an entremets, moka montage(nightmare!you will know why).they basically covered evrything that we had been taught until today!

on the first day,  chef told us to start, didn’t know where to start, really. just following what the rest were doing. it felt different coz i had to do everything alone, usually we did it in pairs. chef had calculated the time the day before, but we were about 1 hour behind!practical exams are quite scary. you can only have it fail or success n you can’t really re-check your work before submitting them. only the oven will tell how well you are doing.building the moka was a pain but managed it. didnt really score the pithiviers deep enough, need more apples for the tarte aux pommes. chef was like ‘where are the apples?’…didn’t have lumps in the bavaroise for the entremets…thumbs up. 1st day was exhausting enough. but 2nd day was worse!

2nd day: eclairs n religieuses, moka finishing, entremets finishing, creme anglaise for ice cream, moulding ice cream,chocolats(more nightmares + mess!)

really stressed out with the eclairs n religieuses.pate a choux piping was ok, but my pastry cream a bit too runny n my fondant is a disaster…but now i know what to improve on…finishing moka with piping…turned out better than i expected, entremets turned not bad. my chocolate wasn’t very shiny.found my strong point!!!!not trying to boast here, but i think i am quite good @ making chocolate cigarettes coz i didn’t really have any problem making it…my friend told me that i got a good score for creme anglaise too^^.


tarte aux pommes


the last day:marzipan flower,demoulding ice cream…nothing to say…we were not in the mood anymore…

from the exam, i can see what i am good @ n what i’m not…i still have lots of space for improvement.i believe this is just the beginning of my journey…


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