i have been in paris for 5 months. school is done n intern is starting next week. i started reading on my earlier entries in the blog and realised that i didn’t really share much of my feelings as i arrived in paris for the 1st time. @that time, i was really scared. everything seemed foreign! until now, i still don’t speak french, but my listening improved a lot. i was really homesick. almost decided to go back to Indo that time but i am glad that i forced myself to stay. my experience here is really worthwhile.

i made friends in school n often go out with them which kinda helped me get rid of my homesickness. chef always boasted on how diversed our class was. we were 10 and from 10 different countries. i myself think it is amazing. it means that we have 10 different cultures. i get to know more about how people in different countries think n act.

as i know more places here, i try to enjoy myself as much as possible. when i felt bored @ home, i can sit in the park or  just have a stroll…although i am starting to enjoy myself in paris, i still miss home.

i actually miss school now. i miss saying ‘bonjour/good morning’ when i go to school in the morning, seeing my friends and asking how they are doing, seeing chef doing silly stuff during demo, hearing him say ‘ c’est quoi ca???’ or ‘ qu’est-ce que tu fais???’ no one to tell me what to do when i’m in doubt, no one correct me when i do something wrong…

i am going to do a 3-month intern n then return home. my next plan is to have a food business.thinking of salon de the. am i ready? i don’t think i will ever feel ready. but if i am always scared to take the 1st step, i don’t think i will ever move forward. my skill is not good enough. i will just have to be more creative and make use of what i’m good @. i heard chef said something about different strong points different people have and it’s about how they use them to the fullest. i strongly agree.


One Response to “paris-5months”

  1. I am looking forward to visiting your salon du the in Indo! 🙂
    Of course, there are always things to improve but remember, you were TOP OF THE CLASS so that you should give you the confidence to do whatever you want!! 🙂

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