love n hate

i both love n hate my stage. loving it coz i learn many things that are not taught in school, i learn about kitchen layout, how they do stuff, basically all about labo de patisserie in the real world. don’t really understand why am hating it though….maybe because i am stuck in a confined area for 10 hrs everyday, having to ask chef  every time what to do, don’t really talk since my french sucks. n working makes me feel more homesick.

believe me. school kitchen and real kitchen are totally DIFFERENT. an example: made creme anglaise and tried to strain it. ask my favourite chef to help me hold the chinoise. halfway through the process, his comment was, ” (in french)what’s this?this is school way of doing. get rid of the chinoise.use mixer.then it’s good.”

think i’m more used to the system in the kitchen now. more confident in doing things. physically stronger, understanding more kitchen terms.


2 Responses to “love n hate”

  1. Wow, Fen, it amazes me at what you’ve learnt about cooking… in French!! Perhaps you could make me a cheesecake for my birthday? Yummmm.

    • fenny widjaja Says:

      i’m quite amazed myself since my french is really undeniably poor……hopefully i can make good cheesecake then^^

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