3 more weeks!!!hurrayyyy!!!!

my stage is ending in 3 weeks…woo hoo!!! glad that i can make it this far. just to refresh your memory, i’m doing my stage in l’Hotel Plaza Athenee. dunno whether any of you have heard it before, but it is very well known here and it is one of the Dochester Collection. before i started my stage, i was told by the head of the Human Resources that working in Plaza is really “fort”. at that time i was thinking ‘ of course it will be hard. i know it is hard. but i can do it’. i shouldn’t  have been that overconfident, i should have believed her. it is hard. physically n mentally<—–i think it’s just me. being so far away in a foreign country and working in a place that speaks you totally don’t know is a scary experience +, people @ work are just co-workers, they are not you friends even though they do bises every time!——- never it crossed my mind that working there will be as intense as i am experiencing right now.

couple of weeks ago, i burnt the casserole @ work. still don’t understand how did that happen! thinking back, it was actually really funny. but @ that time it was no joke! i immediately lost my confidence, the chefs didn’t trust me anymore. they all like ” $@%#**&^&$#%  Fenny. attention uh” felt so useless. but i think last week i slowly gained back their trust. hopefully this week will be better. i have to learn my mistake, get over it, move on n never repeat the same mistake again.

even though i do not like the stage, i am still glad i decided to go on. i really learn a lot from them(think i keep repeating myself on this).i get to see how a real kitchen work. how they do their mise en place, what kinds of equipment  they use, how they store their products, etc. my sis told me experience is expensive. she is right.

i’m not sure though whether this litte experience is good enough for me to open my own place. but i decide to continue with my plan and gain more experience while managing my patisserie. actually, what keeps me from not giving up the stage is my dream to open my own patisserie. so it is really my goal for now. i already have a bit of ideas on how it would be like, my future patisserie, that is.. so just going to continue in my planing n in prayer. 

enough of the heavy topic. all patisseries that i know of closed last few weeks, except laduree n sadaharu aoki. so didn’t get to eat cakes for one month. since they are opening this week(am very happy to inform you), i’m going to start to visit them again, starting tomorrow.


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