had my last day of stage today. suddenly had a mixed feeling- sad n happy @ the same time. the time i spent for my stage is exactly 10 weeks. during those weeks, i kept counting the days. now when it is all over, i actually feel there is something missing(but if you tell me to go back to work i will not do it^^)not really missing the work, just the people. i met some nice people there. it is a pity that i started to be more open to the people there just a couple of weeks before.

 one of the sous chef can’t really remember my name, i actually find it funny. he called me ‘lee’ for a few weeks. and today, my last day, he called me ‘nelly’ the whole day. an improvement, sort of^^, since it sound more like my name, rather than ‘lee’,which is not even my surname!

stuff that i have learnt during stage:

  1. bises. i am used to it by now.
  2. saying ‘bonjour’ to everyone before start the work and ‘au revoir’ @ the end of the day.
  3. french cursing words. they keep replaying on my minds now. the P and M words……
  4. work cleaner(compared to before)

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