spend my time wisely…not.

on holiday mode…STILL?!?!?!?!. i have been doing nothing for the past 3 months after my return, except for some traveling and  eating(as usual…). went to singapore last month. enjoyed it very much. i got to meet a friend from ESCF. it feels weird cos i saw her the first time on the other part of the world, and then met her again in a country that is very near to home. we ate in Tampopo, japanese family restaurant. 

my friend had the beef curry rice…looks very cheesy.

pork ramen is wonderful,the size is quite big…very filling.

CANELE Patisserie in Paragon. cakes are good enough.not trying to be a snob , but i understand that excellent ingredients are hard to get. the cream, the butter,the almond powder,the flour, they are the most important. and they are expensive here and the quality are not the same with the ones in paris(i feel bad for having to compare everything with paris,paris,paris. but the patisseries and ingredients there are really the top). 

TWG, a tea place similar with Mariage Freres. I like the chocolate cake, not so much about their teas…

this is my favourite, ramen in tomato soup by WARAKU.


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