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cup of cake

Posted in bon appetit! on April 7, 2010 by fenny widjaja

i had never considered making cupcakes before. i had only tried it once and didn’t think i like it. in my opinion, they looked pretty, that’s all.

after seeing how popular it is, i decided to give it a try. maybe i will enjoy cupcake after all.

 1st trial: didn’t like the frosting. made from icing sugar+butter+milk. gritty and the sweetness gave me headache. ouch!  

chocolate mint cupcake2nd: chocolate mint cupcake. tried using italian buttercream. much better! very smooth, creamy. yet has the right sweetness. 

so, have i changed my opinion on cupcakes? don’t think so. i prefer muffins. they may not look as pretty, but they look more inviting and rustic. cupcakes look too chic…they also taste better compared to cupcakes. n minus the frosting, which is better for your tummy (ha! yea right!).

time to move on. next, will make some muffins.