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some baking

Posted in 1 on December 11, 2009 by fenny widjaja

i took it out too early. oven is acting weird. bottom part of the choux is getting a bit burnt while the top is still raw

can’t claim this to be punition. i just looked up the recipe from the internet. taste really buttery and friable.


spend my time wisely…not.

Posted in 1 on December 11, 2009 by fenny widjaja

on holiday mode…STILL?!?!?!?!. i have been doing nothing for the past 3 months after my return, except for some traveling and  eating(as usual…). went to singapore last month. enjoyed it very much. i got to meet a friend from ESCF. it feels weird cos i saw her the first time on the other part of the world, and then met her again in a country that is very near to home. we ate in Tampopo, japanese family restaurant. 

my friend had the beef curry rice…looks very cheesy.

pork ramen is wonderful,the size is quite big…very filling.

CANELE Patisserie in Paragon. cakes are good enough.not trying to be a snob , but i understand that excellent ingredients are hard to get. the cream, the butter,the almond powder,the flour, they are the most important. and they are expensive here and the quality are not the same with the ones in paris(i feel bad for having to compare everything with paris,paris,paris. but the patisseries and ingredients there are really the top). 

TWG, a tea place similar with Mariage Freres. I like the chocolate cake, not so much about their teas…

this is my favourite, ramen in tomato soup by WARAKU.


Posted in 1 on September 13, 2009 by fenny widjaja

had my last day of stage today. suddenly had a mixed feeling- sad n happy @ the same time. the time i spent for my stage is exactly 10 weeks. during those weeks, i kept counting the days. now when it is all over, i actually feel there is something missing(but if you tell me to go back to work i will not do it^^)not really missing the work, just the people. i met some nice people there. it is a pity that i started to be more open to the people there just a couple of weeks before.

 one of the sous chef can’t really remember my name, i actually find it funny. he called me ‘lee’ for a few weeks. and today, my last day, he called me ‘nelly’ the whole day. an improvement, sort of^^, since it sound more like my name, rather than ‘lee’,which is not even my surname!

stuff that i have learnt during stage:

  1. bises. i am used to it by now.
  2. saying ‘bonjour’ to everyone before start the work and ‘au revoir’ @ the end of the day.
  3. french cursing words. they keep replaying on my minds now. the P and M words……
  4. work cleaner(compared to before)

patisserie des reves indeed

Posted in 1 on September 6, 2009 by fenny widjaja

a new patisserie just opened this week. the owner is Philippe Conticini- MOF patissier. the patisserie is quite different compared to others, so the name la patisserie des reves suits it well.

so what is different?

decor n display – very chic. as you go into the store, you can see a round table in the middle of the room with one cake of each type used as display only. a display of  kouign-amans, brioches, tins of dried nuts on sides of the room.  

the service –   one of the store keeper will then take down your order. go to the cashier n pay. go to another counter n wait while your order is being taken out from the kitchen n being wrapped.

the packaging – pink coloured box. n serviette that is made out of cloth instead of mere paper!

 la patisserie des reves

the store from outside

the store from outside

kouignaman,the white cloth serviette n pamphlet that contains info about their cakes

kouignaman,the white cloth serviette n pamphlet that contains info about their cakes

cuteparis brest

cuteparis brest

the kouignaman was good!had a bite of the paris brest(as you can see in the picture).not a fan of praline.had the whole thing and wouldn’t mind having more! but AND im sure praline lovers will like it. there aren’t many choices of cakes since it has just open. maybe going back again nxt week.