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school trip

Posted in french trip on June 29, 2009 by fenny widjaja

we had a school trip to pays basque. boarded the night train from paris sunday21june. not much space…good thing that i’m short. i pitied my friend who is really tall. he said he had to fold himself into a simple turn(pastry term:feuilletage folding)^^. we arrived around 7 in the morning.


we divided ourselves into 2 cars. our chef drove a mini van and boulangerie chef drove the other. i got into the minivan with the other 6 friends.wrong choice. chef drove like a crazy teenager. i asked my friend who got into the other car. she said boulangerie chef was really calm when driving…hmmm…just like how he treats his breads^^.

IMG_1494the place where we stayed. good choice chef!the place has blueberry field.i got to pick some blueberries on my last day there:D



basquethe spanish side.


chateau de versailles

Posted in french trip on April 25, 2009 by fenny widjaja

 i had a week holiday n my sister came to visit me (again…). we went to chateau de versailles to gave the place a visit. so we went not knowing what to expect. as it was a public holiday, the place was packed with people. I guess everyone was curious of what the place Marie Antoinette used to live looks like! I am, for one. the chateau was really huge!!! i didn’t get to enter the buildings because of some confusion caused by the tickets!!!it was a long story. so we decided to walk around the garden. it was a really long walk i tell you!entrance of the chateau


one part of the garden

we rent bikes but i m not very good @ riding them:(