2eme semaine (2nd week)

this week passed by quickly.it is already weekend. starting to enjoy intern. the sous chef still as strict as usual, but i am beginning to understand why he has to be like that. everyone also has different ways in doing things. one person says “do it this way”, and the other says,”no!no!no!that way”. then both of them argue in french which i don’t understand.  never a dull moment.

we do arm-shakes here. since i am usually doing stuffs, some chefs who come into the kitchen usually grabbed me in the arm and say “bonjour” or “salut”. they are the ones who don’t do the “bises”. have gotten everyone’s name by now. well, almost all.

i pity Vincent (we call him by his first name). he is under sous chef and is in charge of the stagiaires. as you can imagine, we call out his name all the time. then he says, “attend,attend(wait,wait). merde (shit)+other french cursing words,(in french)i am only one and people are all calling me. this is not working. one by one.” he’s never angry with us. worst case scenario, put both his hands on his face n says “mais non!pourquoi tu fais ca?!” or “qu-est ce que tu fais?!”

im just helping around and weighing up recipes. not really doing much. bt i think it is a really good experience working here. get to see the kitchen layout, the equipment n how they store their products.


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